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Celebrate the Past with a Vintage-Themed Wedding

May 17, 2012


In recent posts, I’ve touched on the subject of themed weddings. Today, I’m going to take a more close-up look at one particular theme: the vintage wedding.

If you like to spend a lot of time in antique and junk stores, picking out bargains from a bygone era, then bringing that style into your wedding is worth considering.


JaclinArt has created some truly beautiful vintage wedding stationary:

PURPLE Vintage Frame and Damask Wedding Template Custom Invite Cream Damask Gold Vintage Frame Monogram Wedding Personalized Announcement Orange Gold Vintage Butterflies Wedding Template Custom Invitations


Click to see more Vintage Wedding stuff. 

JaclinArt even has a dedicated Vintage Store at Zazzle.

Damask (a weaving style which takes its name from the important silk trade city, Damascus), is a popular vintage sub-style. Take a look at these designs!

Ecru Damask Silver Vintage Frame Monogram Wedding Announcement Navy Blue Damask Wedding Custom Monogram Heart Heart Stickers Orchid & Royal Purple Damask Save Date Postcard

Browse more Damask Wedding Products here

Many vintage wedding stationary products will display fancy patterning, from calligraphy to ornate curlicues and flourishes. Some couples even employ a professional calligrapher for the wedding.

It is common to create a vintage look by using distressed paper to suggest age, with photographs being tinged with sepia, and there are countless images that can be incorporated into your designs. Classic vintage motifs include flowers, birds, butterflies, fruit and figures in old-fashioned clothing.

I have come across people who have incorporated telegrams, old postage stamps and ornate chandeliers in their vintage wedding designs, but there’s no need to impose limits on your imagination.

Once you get started you will find all sorts of ways of bringing the past into the present. Here are some more ideas:

  • Arrive in style; hire a vintage car or even a horse and cart (maybe draw the line at a penny farthing)
  • Source your seating from an antique furniture shop
  • Choose a specific era and base your wedding dress and groom’s suit on the contemporary styles
  • Make use of lace in the general decor and in the bouquet (very boho-chic)
  • Follow the celebrities’ examples and book your wedding in a stately home – or even a castle!
  • Model your wedding on a classic celebrity icon, for example Marilyn Monroe
  • Choose old china crockery and other vintage table accessories
  • Fill your bouquet with seasonal wildflowers
  • Hire a folk singer or jazz band for that authentic vintage sound (perfect on a warm, quiet fall evening)

One of the best things about choosing a vintage theme is that it can suit any budget. What are you waiting for? Get planning today!

You’ll find more Wedding Inspiration here

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

Vintage car image released on CC 2.0 Attribution license by Dave Conner

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Thoughts About Tablescapes

May 16, 2012

My journey into the realm of weddings has so far thrown up plenty of unfamiliar terminology. For example, before this week I thought a nosegay was something people fed horses with! Although I’d never heard of a tablescape before, I made an educated guess that it was something of an amalgamation of the words ‘table’ and ‘landscape’, and I was on the right track. When planning your wedding reception, you need to think of your table and everything on it as an integral part of the entire wedding theme.

Just as a natural landscape contains various features (rivers, woods, houses, etc.) that form part of a larger whole, so your tablescape should blend together its individual features into an overall look. The more artfully you manage to do this, the more successful your big day is likely to be.

Consult with the Caterer

Bear in mind that your guests are going to need to eat at the table. No amount of stunning design will make up for the discomfort felt by guests who dare not move for fear of dislodging your crystal vases. Depending on the dishes to be served, there will need to be a certain amount of dinnerware, cutlery and glassware present and the best person to give you the details is the caterer. Find out everything about the table layout, from how the condiments will be served to whether the bread will be on a plate or in a basket. Feel free to make reasonable requests to amend the arrangements to make tablescaping easier, but be willing to trust the caterer’s experience and judgement if he or she has good reasons for denying a request.

What you Need on Your Table

Some of the elements you need to consider for your tablescape are:

  • Linen and overlays
  • Place settings (cutlery, silverware, glassware, chargers)
  • Favors (and their presentation)
  • Hanging decorations
  • Centerpiece
  • Napkins
  • Chairs
  • Wine bottles and baskets
  • Condiments
  • Stationary (place cards, menu cards, etc.)

JaclinArt provides a range of stationary products that can tie into various wedding themes:

Navy Blue Grunge Wedding Menu Personalized Invite PURPLE Rose Bouquet Place Card - Wedding Reception Business Cards Pink and Black Zebra Ver. 2 Wedding Table Number Post Cards

Top Tip! Leave the Centerpiece until Last

A general tip is to wait until you know exactly what space you have available before deciding on the centerpiece. If you go for a buffet, you are likely to have more space for a larger centerpiece. On the other hand, a meal of multiple courses might require more tableware, limiting your options. As well as space, consider whether your guests will be able to see one another adequately; nobody likes to converse through dense foliage!

While on the subject of centerpieces, the trend is definitely moving away from flowers. Many couples are now deciding to make their own meaningful centerpieces containing objects related to their chosen theme.

Choosing a Theme

As I am starting to discover, planning a wedding is not just about one special day. It’s just as much about the entire creative journey and bringing a concept to life. As you explore different themes and become inspired by the ideas of others, you will start to understand more about who you are as a person, what your relationship means and how to bring that all together in celebration of your union.

Some couples focus on a favored style (vintage, boho-chic, rustic, etc.), while others opt to evoke the season or even give life to the ‘spirit of place’.

As a final note, your stationary, from invites to place settings, will need to fit in to your chosen theme, so take care in finding the right look.

Here are some vintage wedding invites from JaclinArt:

Ecru Damask Silver Vintage Frame Monogram Wedding Announcement Ruby Wine Vintage Bird Damask Wedding Invitation Plum Purple and Black Vintage Flowers Wedding Custom Invitations

Click to see the latest Wedding Color Trends here. Purple is really popular right now, and works well in the fall. Browse Purple-Themed products here.

Browse more Fall Wedding Ideas here.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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Cascade or Nosegay? Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

May 15, 2012

Not many of us can profess to be an expert on flowers, and a trip to the florist can be a daunting experience if you can’t tell your irises from your calla lilies or you haven’t a clue what a corsage or a boutonniere is. Fortunately, once you’ve mastered some basic terminology and made some fundamental choices, the rest is really all down to personal preference and creative exploration.

Types of Bouquet

The type of bouquet you choose should tie in with the general style of the wedding and your size and shape. Weddings can be loosely categorized as formal, semi-formal or casual. The more elaborate, long-stemmed bouquets are most suitable for formal occasions (especially if the bride is wearing a flowing dress with a long train), while small bouquets fit well with casual ceremonies where the dress is likely to be shorter and more informal in style.

The cascade (also known as a fountain, waterfall or shower) is the iconic wedding bouquet: rounded, with flowers that stream over the bride’s hand.

A variety of flowers can be used to make a cascade, especially those with large flowers like calla lilies, lisianthus, orchids and, of course, roses. 

Flowers never go out of style, and JaclinArt has a generous selection of floral-themed invites to browse.

Gold Vintage Flowers Wedding Damask Custom Announcements Magenta Purple Vintage Damask Wedding Invitation Black White Vintage Flowers Wedding Invitation


For more floral wedding ideas, visit JaclinArt’s floral wedding store!

Arm sheafs, just like cascades, are often chosen for formal weddings. Also known as a presentation bouquet, the arm sheaf is built from long-stemmed blooms which are cradled against the inner arm. Gladiolus, long-stemmed roses, orchids, delphiniums and calla lilies are popular choices.

Next we have the nosegay, a safe bet for formal and casual weddings alike. Usually containing more greenery, the nosegay is small and sparse, with ribbon often used to bind the stems. Tulips, irises, lilies and roses are favored.

Finally we have the conveniantly portable flower bracelet or wrist corsage. These consist of small groupings of flowers, often orchids or roses, and are a convenient bouquet for the casual wedding, working well with short-hemmed gowns.

As mentioned earlier, your size and shape will also have a bearing on the best bouquet for your occasion. Cascades and arm sheafs are most suitable for tall brides, while a shorter woman might be best choosing a compact nosegay. If you are large-framed, consider a fuller bouquet.

Make it Meaningful

Try thinking of your bouquet less as a bunch of flowers, more as a statement of who you are and what your relationship means to you as a couple. You may have personal associations of your own: maybe your partner wooed you with a certain type of flower and you want to include that variety, or you might want to add in a family heirloom, perhaps a fragment of a mother’s wedding dress or a treasured photograph.

Certain blooms are traditionally associated with emotions or qualities. Roses and love are clearly intertwined, but you could consider ivy for fidelity, yellow iris for passion or even white tulips for forgiveness.

In love with roses? Why wouldn’t you be? Here are some winning blooms from JaclinArt.

Purple Roses Wedding Invitation Metallic SALMON ORANGE Roses RSVP Wedding Response Card Personalized Invite Elegant Gold Rose RSVP Wedding Response Card Invitations

Browse more Rose Products here.
Prefer Hydrangeas? Browse here.

Choosing Your Florist or Floral Designer

First of all, do you want to pay extra for a dedicated floral designer? In general, floral designers are artists and will work closely with you to ensure your bouquet fits the overall wedding theme and provide a treasured memento of your happy occasion. A florist is a more economical solution for the budget-conscious,although the more experienced and talented will be adept at floral design. Florists can be very busy at certain times of the year, affecting their ability to handle fussy details, although the fall should be a relatively quiet time.

The best place to source recommendations for florists is through word of mouth, particularly if you have trusted married friends who were pleased with their bouquets. Failing that, ask your venue manager; they might recall some particularly successful floral arrangements.

Make the most out of the time you have with your florist. Collect together a clip book well in advance of your initial consultation. Fill it with photos of favorite blooms, colors and anything else that helps to communicate the atmosphere you want to create. This will help your florist to get started quickly. Remember to think about centerpieces, send-off petals, corsages (bouquets that attach to a dress), restroom flowers, boutonnieres (the flowers or buds worn on men’s buttonholes) and anything else you might need. In terms of budget, it is a general recommendation that about eight to ten per cent goes on flowers, so bear that in mind to avoid overspending.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

Rose image released on GNU free documentation license by Marcus Obal

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Color Combos for a Fall Wedding

May 14, 2012

If you’re busy searching for a color scheme for your fall wedding, there are so many combinations that can work. You may have a good idea about what base color you want but are undecided about what accents you want to try, or you might not even know where to begin. Well, JaclinArt can help you out.

Although the main consideration is to choose a color scheme you actually like, it would be unusual to see much turquoise, bright pink and sunshine yellow. It is more common to try to reflect the season in some way, with hues that evoke the fall leaves or darker, cooler colors to reflect the changing climate.

Orange is a bright, upbeat color that works well in fall, and can be used in numerous combinations. Red and orange is loud and bold and can be softened with dashes of white. Consider deep red and white roses with orange linen and bridesmaid dresses.

Warm Orange Daisies RSVP Wedding Response Card Personalized Announcement Red Orange & Cream Monogram Wedding Invitation Orange & Peach Damask Monogram Wedding Invitation


Not sure what’s in vogue? Click to see the latest Wedding Color Trends here.

Brown is not to everybody’s taste, but can work well with orange for a fall wedding. Think about getting hold of some antique wooden furniture and use orange flowers and ribbons as accent colors.

The invites will be the first experience many of your guests have of the wedding, so make sure they tie in to the color scheme. 

Orange and Brown Zebra Wedding Horizontal Template Personalized Invite Gold & Brown Monogram Initial Wedding Invitation Chocolate and Coffee Striped Gazania Daisy Wedding Custom Invitation


Navy is another color that can work well with orange. You could add a splash of your chosen color to the wedding gown with an elegant sash. Although more of a summer color, a touch of green can add freshness and variety to a wedding palette.

Of course, there are plenty of fall color combinations that don’t involve any orange at all. Consider classic black and white, vintage gold or rich plum. Experiment with three, four or even five color combinations but, if in doubt, ‘less is more’ is usually a good rule of thumb.

Gold and Wine Monogram Grunge Lace Trees Wedding Custom Invites Black & White Monogram Lace Wedding Invitation Purple Plum Damask & Lace Wedding Invitation


Click to see more Black and White Wedding ideas.

Browse even more Fall Wedding Ideas here.

Finally, don’t forget to pop over to the Zazzle Wedding Planning store for more help in finding the products you need to make the big day go to plan.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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Bridal Shower – What Will You Bring?

May 13, 2012

Choosing presents is always difficult, no matter what the occasion but, with gift-opening such a central part of the  experience, you don’t want to commit any faux pas at a bridal shower. Here are a few tips on bridal shower gift etiquette and traditions.

For starters, how much should you spend on a gift? Although expectations do vary, spending between $25 and $75 is usually acceptable and should avoid any raised eyebrows. When browsing online, many bridal shower websites allow you to filter your searches by price. If you are short of funds or simply enjoy crafts, something home-made will add that personal touch that means so much!

If you are in charge of organization, JaclinArt offer a range of attractively-priced bridal shower stationary products:

Modern Bridal Shower Pink Peacock Feathers Custom Announcements Bridal Shower Peach and Gold Leopard Confetti Round Sticker Bridal Shower with Wedding Gown Stamp


As mentioned in an earlier post, it is conventional to buy a gift for both the shower and the wedding, and somebody (usually a bridesmaid) should be tasked with the responsibility of noting down who brought what.

In many cases, those organizing a bridal shower will give specific instructions about the type of gift you should bring (e.g. kitchenware or beauty products). Otherwise, you can take guidance from the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are invited to a green fete, make sure your gift or gifts are sourced from environmentally-friendly, ethically sound suppliers.

JaclinArt invitations can often be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, just like these examples:

Bridal Shower Lime Green Leopard Confetti Personalized Announcements Bridal Shower Modern Zebra Black White Pink Invite Bridal Shower Black and White Polka Dots Invitations


One popular bridal shower gift idea is to use the party as a chance to give the bride a tantalizing hint as to their wedding present. If you are planning to buy the wedded couple some tableware, perhaps you could choose some attractive napkins and coasters as a bridal shower gift.

Unless you are given instructions to the contrary, it is usually best to steer clear of some of the racier bridal shower gifts on the market; a good rule of thumb is to assume that the bride’s mother will be at the party.

Finally, pay close attention to the order in which the bride-to-be opens her gifts. One bridal shower superstition predicts that the girl who brought the third gift will soon be blessed with a child!

Click to see more Bridal Shower ideas!

Source your Damask Bridal Shower products or Vintage Bridal Shower invites at JaclinArt

Explore Floral Bridal Shower ideas here!

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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5 Great Bridal Shower Themes

May 12, 2012

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for a forthcoming bridal shower, here are five popular themes that you might want to consider:

Theme #1: The Cocktail Bar

Who said a bridal shower had to happen at home? It is becoming increasingly popular to hire out a swanky bar (complete with suave waiter!) and spend the evening devising all sorts of wonderful and wacky cocktails (before sampling them, of course). If this ‘bar-tending school’ theme appeals to you, just make sure that all guests are comfortable in that sort of environment first.

Consider using a specific colour theme; perhaps pretty pink and purple for an ultra-girly bridal shower!

Bridal Shower PINK & PURPLE Flowered Dress Postage Bridal Shower Purple and Pink Cheetah Print Greeting Card Bridal Shower Purple and Pink Cheetah Print Personalized Invitations Bridal Shower PINK Flowered Dress Stamps


Theme #2: The Green Fete

Embrace ecological responsibility by opting for an environmentally-friendly bridal shower. Choose caterers who supply ethical or organic food; ditch the plastic and use natural alternatives (forest friendly wood, organic cotton, recycled paper, etc.) where possible.

Theme #3: Travel/Honeymoon Shower

Perfect for couples with wanderlust, the travel-themed bridal shower can incorporate features of the bride’s favorite travel destination. Choose food that ties in with a particular culture or, alternatively, set the table with delicacies from all over the globe. Select gifts that will help the honeymoon run as smoothly as possible, while favors could be presented in boxes shaped as suitcases. 

Colors and shapes can be interwoven to create dazzling, unique themes. Take a look at these new JaclinArt invites!

Bridal Shower Lime Green and Navy Blue Circles Custom Announcement Bridal Shower Blue Diamonds Pattern Invite Bridal Shower Pastel Pink Stars Announcements

Click here if you are looking to go with a Floral theme

Theme #4: Charity Party

For brides (and grooms) who are seriously committed to a charity or just prefer not to be the center of attention, consider asking guests to donate goods or cash to those who really need them. Some websites are set up to allow couples to register for a charity online but, if there is no specific charity that the betrothed support, make sure there are several options for guests to choose from. Instead of spending money on favors, consider making a donation of your own.

Theme #5: Potluck Party

This type of bridal shower is designed to help the bride to become a whizz in the kitchen. Guests are charged with bringing along an interesting dish from a specific region of the world (Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.) along with the recipe. Not only will the bride-to-be get to enjoy some top nosh, she will also start married life with a handy collection of exotic recipes at her disposal. Present the recipes on attractive paper inside a beautiful gift box to round things off perfectly.

The above ideas are just suggestions, but hopefully they’ve done enough to get you thinking.

Find more Bridal Shower Ideas here

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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What’s Hot! Bridal Shower Trends

May 11, 2012

Today, I’m taking a look at some of the latest trends in bridal showers. As with everything in life, fashions change and bridal showers are no different.

Rather than simply reminiscing about past crushes, playing ‘bride bingo’ and filling up on nibbles, many bridal showers now revolve around a learning experience of some description. Floral design, wine tasting, cupcake decorating and even knitting are just some of the many skills that brides-to-be are getting to grips with. You can even hire a professional tutor.

Here are some more of JaclinArt’s extensive range of  bridal shower products:

GOLD DressThank You Bridal Shower Gift zazzle_stampBridal Shower Modern Zebra Print Pink and Fuschia zazzle_invitation

Food researchers have been announcing that 2012 is going to be a year for retro food, so if you want to include beef  stroganoff or vichysoisse on the menu, go right ahead. Traditional British dishes are also popular, so a lovely Lancashire hot pot might hit the spot. I like the idea of a cornish pasty themed bridal shower (you could even go really traditional and have the savory filling on one side and the sweet on the other).

Of course chocolate never goes out of fashion, and JaclinArt likes to use it in some of her bridal shower designs. See how different the effects are when mixed with purple, blue or mint on these tasty bridal shower stamps. 

Purple & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stampMint & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stampBlue & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stamp

It was inevitable that us men would want to get in on the bridal shower act, and we are now seeing an increasing number of both groom showers and couples showers.

Another modern trend is for bridal showers to be held over a weekend, perhaps in the beautiful countryside or on the beach. If you want to arrange something a little more focused, consider treating bride-to-be to a spa retreat, pamper session or a  day or two at a private vineyard. 

If you’re into keeping up with the latest bridal shower fashions, then you will want to make sure your stationary follows suit. Click to see a range of Modern Bridal Shower products. Find more Trendy and Elegant Designs here.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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It’s Playtime! Bridal Shower Games

May 10, 2012

Bridal showers are nothing without the games, whether you prefer to play it safe or explore risky territory. Here are just a few that I came across:

  • The Ingredient Game

    Many bridal showers are quite traditional, with gifts based around the old-fashioned idea of a wife’s role as a home-builder. The Ingredient Game tests guests’ knowledge about what goes into preparing various dishes. One player will copy out a number of popular recipes but omit one ingredient from each of them; the guest who correctly guesses the most missing ingredients gets a small cooking-related gift. 


    Looking for bridal shower postage? Look no further! Click on the images below to browse.Customizable Bridal Shower Stamp - BLUE Dress zazzle_stampFuschia Pink Vintage Floral Ribbon Bridal Shower zazzle_stamp

  • Fold Over

    This hilarious way to entertain guests (and the bride-to-be) involves writing a romantic poem about the happy couple – but with a difference. Players take it in turn to compose their lines but the paper is folded to hide all but the freshest line. After all guests have contributed, the sheet of paper is unfolded and the final piece is read out to the bride-to-be.


Have you sorted out your invites? JaclinArt has a wide range to choose from.

Purple Damask and Faux Bow Bridal Shower zazzle_invitationSilver Floral Border Bridal Shower Template zazzle_invitation

Thought about a theme? Bridesmaid and wedding dress designs always look elegant. Browse Pretty Dress Invites here

  • Two Truths and a Lie

    This game can stray into dangerous territory,so be on your toes! Each guest has to tell the others three things about themselves, one of which is a lie. Guests who correctly pick out the lies are awarded points.

Remember your manners! JaclinArt also do bridal shower thank you cards.

Shades of Purple Roses Thank You Bridal Shower zazzle_cardBLACK LICORICE & PINK Lace Bridal Shower Thank You zazzle_card


Are you looking for something with a vintage feel? You’ll find plenty of Shabby Chic and Vintage Floral ideas here.

Check in tomorrow for some ideas for popular bridal shower themes in 2012.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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Really WILD Bridal Showers

May 9, 2012

Bridal showers can be refined, sophisticated occasions with elegant table settings, the finest delicacies to eat and pleasant conversation – or they can be an excuse for a huge party!

While a wild bridal shower rarely reaches the level of a bachelorette party, there is often a little more spice than your average shower. Games might be a little more on the adventurous side and perhaps the drinks (and conversation) might flow that bit more freely.

If you’re planning on throwing a wild-themed bridal shower, zebra and leopard prints are sure to get the message across. Just take a look at these offerings from JaclinArt’s collection!

Pink Black White Zebra Bridal Shower Custom Name zazzle_stampPink Purple Black Leopard Bridal Shower zazzle_stickerPink Leopard Print Square Bridal Shower Invite zazzle_invitationModern Leopard Black White Pink Bridal Shower zazzle_invitation


In fact, if you can’t get enough of zebra, click to see more Zebra stuff from JaclinArt.

To help guests get in touch with their wild sides, try adorning the room with leopard or zebra-print throws and lashings of pink silk. Beads and feathers add even more texture. One useful tip is not to overdo the prints but to use them as tasteful accents.

You can go a little bit wild with the food as well, with plenty of sweet cakes and candy on offer – naughty but nice!

JaclinArt can also help you out with any other animal print gifts you need to find. Browse Animal Print Gifts here. If you’re planning a wild-themed wedding, there are all sorts of animals that can inspire you, from cheetah to peacock and cow to giraffe. Click to see more Animal Print Wedding stuff.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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So What is a Bridal Shower Anyway?

May 8, 2012

There are two reasons why I needed to ask this question:

1) I’m a guy!

2) I’m a British guy, and bridal showers are only just starting to take off here.

I mean, we have our ‘hen nights’ (stag nights for the lads), but these are a bit more like bachelorette parties.

So, for the sake of anyone else who might be wondering, here is what I found out about bridal showers (and it usually has nothing whatsoever to do with water).

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding party thrown for the bride, with the central purpose of showering her with gifts. Although we Brits often think of it as an American invention, similar customs stretch way back and were often arranged to help women from poorer families to afford a dowry payment.

Bridal showers are usually thrown by friends (or distant family) as it is seen as inappropriate for close family members to ask for gifts. Everyone has to bring a gift (and YES, they do have to also buy a wedding gift), and the time is spent reminiscing, eating, drinking, playing games and generally having a good time. Bridal showers are often themed (more about that later in the week).

If you have a friend who’s due to tie the knot, consider arranging a wonderful bridal shower for her – she will be sure to thank you for it! Here are a few of JaclinArt’s bridal shower products to start the creative juices flowing.

There are stamps and invites…

TURQUOISE Gown - Bridal Shower zazzle_stampBlack White Pink Flowers Modern Bridal Shower zazzle_invitationPurple Lace Flowers Custom Name Bridal Shower zazzle_invitationBridal Shower Muted Gray Ornate Stars Damask zazzle_invitation


…stickers and thank you cards…

 LILAC PURPLE Thank You - Bridal Shower zazzle_cardFuschia Pink Vintage Floral Ribbon Bridal Shower zazzle_stickerBridal Shower Muted Gray Ornate Stars Damask zazzle_card


…and labels and return addresses.

PINK and BLACK Bridal Shower Rose zazzle_labelZebra Pink Stripe zazzle_label


You may already have a definite design theme in mind.

Click here for damask invite ideas, or perhaps you prefer a Floral theme.

And if you need extra inspiration, just click here to see even more Bridal Shower products.

 Neil Hocking is a Torbay copywriter with clients from around the world. His work includes writing web copy, newsletters, sports journalism and advertising material. Design services are also available;;  +44 (0)1803 606092;  +44 (0)7762 906818

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