Who Said Romance Was Dead?

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Not the couples in today’s post! Some guys and girls will pull out all the stops to woo the one they love. Indeed, some of the efforts below would make most of us seem as romantic as a dirty dishcloth (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself). Still, anything has to be more romantic than the ‘blackening the bride’ tradition from yesterday’s post.

Romantic gesture #1

Take Final Fantasy addict, Seth Hay. Now, gaming fanatics aren’t renowned for their attentive personalities, but this guy sure broke the mould. His love for girlfriend Cheryl Murray was such that he convinced the staff at a Final Fantasy concert in Toronto to broadcast his proposal in front of over 3,000 people, while playing romantic music.


Of course, there are few things as romantic as a rose. Take a look at these blooms for instance (and there are many more hues to choose from). I personally love the teal blue.

TEAL BLUE Wedding Rose Bouquet with Lace zazzle_magnetRed Roses RSVP zazzle_invitationElegant Green Rose RSVP Wedding Response Card zazzle_invitationYellow Roses Wedding Invitation Metallic zazzle_invitation


Romantic gesture #2

Another lovestruck romantic, going by the name of ‘Chad Wild Clay’, has a YouTube video going the rounds, whereby he disguised a proposal to his girlfriend Vy as an iPhone commercial. I challenge you not to shed a tear or two at this video:

iPhone proposal

Romantic venues

Although recently wedded couples have always gone away on exotic honeymoons, many now choose to get married overseas. Some of the most popular spots to get hitched are romantic Italy, sun-blessed Sri Lanka, remote Fiji and spectacular Iceland (bottom). Getting married under those stunning Northern Lights would be amazing, and you wouldn’t need an excuse to snuggle up under the duvet cover with those chilly temperatures!You could even make the Aurora your wedding theme, using some of Jaclinart’s ‘rainbow’ products!


PURPLE Flying Butterfly Rose Wedding Invitation zazzle_invitationLOVE Abstract Rainbow Candy Wedding Postage zazzle_stampPINK GREEN BLUE Wedding RSVP Rose zazzle_stamp

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