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Today, I’m taking a look at some of the latest trends in bridal showers. As with everything in life, fashions change and bridal showers are no different.

Rather than simply reminiscing about past crushes, playing ‘bride bingo’ and filling up on nibbles, many bridal showers now revolve around a learning experience of some description. Floral design, wine tasting, cupcake decorating and even knitting are just some of the many skills that brides-to-be are getting to grips with. You can even hire a professional tutor.

Here are some more of JaclinArt’s extensive range of  bridal shower products:

GOLD DressThank You Bridal Shower Gift zazzle_stampBridal Shower Modern Zebra Print Pink and Fuschia zazzle_invitation

Food researchers have been announcing that 2012 is going to be a year for retro food, so if you want to include beef  stroganoff or vichysoisse on the menu, go right ahead. Traditional British dishes are also popular, so a lovely Lancashire hot pot might hit the spot. I like the idea of a cornish pasty themed bridal shower (you could even go really traditional and have the savory filling on one side and the sweet on the other).

Of course chocolate never goes out of fashion, and JaclinArt likes to use it in some of her bridal shower designs. See how different the effects are when mixed with purple, blue or mint on these tasty bridal shower stamps. 

Purple & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stampMint & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stampBlue & Chocolate Bridal Shower Rose Stamp zazzle_stamp

It was inevitable that us men would want to get in on the bridal shower act, and we are now seeing an increasing number of both groom showers and couples showers.

Another modern trend is for bridal showers to be held over a weekend, perhaps in the beautiful countryside or on the beach. If you want to arrange something a little more focused, consider treating bride-to-be to a spa retreat, pamper session or a  day or two at a private vineyard. 

If you’re into keeping up with the latest bridal shower fashions, then you will want to make sure your stationary follows suit. Click to see a range of Modern Bridal Shower products. Find more Trendy and Elegant Designs here.

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