Weddings Around the Globe

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Continuing our week on weddings, we take a look at some of the colorful customs (and costumes) on display outside of the United States.

China – Written in the Stars

Image Licenced under CC-2-Generic. Author: Lim Lik Wei

The Chinese love to incorporate Astrology into their weddings, and take great care in ensuring couples marry at an auspicious time. The Chinese fan has become popular worldwide, and Chinese fan dances are renowned for their grace and elegance. Jaclinart has incorporated this ancient oriental symbol into some of her wedding products:

Purple Vintage Fans Wedding Monogram Invitation zazzle_invitation

India – The Sacred Fire

Hindu weddings are partly performed in Sanskrit, and are sacred to the fire deity, Agni, who acts as witness to the ceremony. If you like the idea of a fire-themed wedding, Jaclinart has designed some cool invites in orange and black tones, featuring striking fire flowers:

Gold and Fire Flowers Wedding zazzle_invitationOrange and Black Fire Flower Petals Wedding zazzle_invitation

Korea – Costing a Fortune

With no expense spared with the engagement presents (which can cost thousands of dollars), it’s important for Koreans to be sure that they will enjoy matrimonial harmony. Therefore, a fortune-teller (Kung-Hap) is required to scan the futures of the betrothed. The bride will often be seen in traditional dress (hanbok) consisting of a vibrant jeogori and chima, while the groom will often wear a loose-sleeved jacket and baggy trousers. The norigae is a traditional knotted and jewelled accessory worn to bring good luck.

Greece – A Smashing Party

The custom of plate-smashing is legendary, but there’s more to a Greek wedding than wasting good crockery! For example, did you know that it is customary to throw money at the musicians, and for the bride and groom to present sugar-coated almonds to close friends and family? Jaclinart also designs customized plates for wedding mementos. They are dishwasher proof but, unfortunately, are unlikely to survive a Greek party.

Wedding Memento with Blue Peacock fuji_plateWedding Memento Purple and Teal Peacock Feathers fuji_plateWedding Memento with Purple Vintage Frame fuji_plate

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