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My journey into the realm of weddings has so far thrown up plenty of unfamiliar terminology. For example, before this week I thought a nosegay was something people fed horses with! Although I’d never heard of a tablescape before, I made an educated guess that it was something of an amalgamation of the words ‘table’ and ‘landscape’, and I was on the right track. When planning your wedding reception, you need to think of your table and everything on it as an integral part of the entire wedding theme.

Just as a natural landscape contains various features (rivers, woods, houses, etc.) that form part of a larger whole, so your tablescape should blend together its individual features into an overall look. The more artfully you manage to do this, the more successful your big day is likely to be.

Consult with the Caterer

Bear in mind that your guests are going to need to eat at the table. No amount of stunning design will make up for the discomfort felt by guests who dare not move for fear of dislodging your crystal vases. Depending on the dishes to be served, there will need to be a certain amount of dinnerware, cutlery and glassware present and the best person to give you the details is the caterer. Find out everything about the table layout, from how the condiments will be served to whether the bread will be on a plate or in a basket. Feel free to make reasonable requests to amend the arrangements to make tablescaping easier, but be willing to trust the caterer’s experience and judgement if he or she has good reasons for denying a request.

What you Need on Your Table

Some of the elements you need to consider for your tablescape are:

  • Linen and overlays
  • Place settings (cutlery, silverware, glassware, chargers)
  • Favors (and their presentation)
  • Hanging decorations
  • Centerpiece
  • Napkins
  • Chairs
  • Wine bottles and baskets
  • Condiments
  • Stationary (place cards, menu cards, etc.)

JaclinArt provides a range of stationary products that can tie into various wedding themes:

Navy Blue Grunge Wedding Menu Personalized Invite PURPLE Rose Bouquet Place Card - Wedding Reception Business Cards Pink and Black Zebra Ver. 2 Wedding Table Number Post Cards

Top Tip! Leave the Centerpiece until Last

A general tip is to wait until you know exactly what space you have available before deciding on the centerpiece. If you go for a buffet, you are likely to have more space for a larger centerpiece. On the other hand, a meal of multiple courses might require more tableware, limiting your options. As well as space, consider whether your guests will be able to see one another adequately; nobody likes to converse through dense foliage!

While on the subject of centerpieces, the trend is definitely moving away from flowers. Many couples are now deciding to make their own meaningful centerpieces containing objects related to their chosen theme.

Choosing a Theme

As I am starting to discover, planning a wedding is not just about one special day. It’s just as much about the entire creative journey and bringing a concept to life. As you explore different themes and become inspired by the ideas of others, you will start to understand more about who you are as a person, what your relationship means and how to bring that all together in celebration of your union.

Some couples focus on a favored style (vintage, boho-chic, rustic, etc.), while others opt to evoke the season or even give life to the ‘spirit of place’.

As a final note, your stationary, from invites to place settings, will need to fit in to your chosen theme, so take care in finding the right look.

Here are some vintage wedding invites from JaclinArt:

Ecru Damask Silver Vintage Frame Monogram Wedding Announcement Ruby Wine Vintage Bird Damask Wedding Invitation Plum Purple and Black Vintage Flowers Wedding Custom Invitations

Click to see the latest Wedding Color Trends here. Purple is really popular right now, and works well in the fall. Browse Purple-Themed products here.

Browse more Fall Wedding Ideas here.

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