Thinking of Going Green?

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If you have a strong ecological conscience, then a wedding can be an ideal way to show your loved ones what it means to you to treat the Earth kindly.

Take these environmentally friendly bridesmaid bags. What better way to advertise your principles on your happy day?


Flowers are another important consideration if you want a wedding that doesn’t damage the Earth. It is a sad fact that many flowers are imported from countries where irrigation consumes valuable, limited water supplies. Pesticides and genetic modification are also contentious issues (did you know they often spray roses with perfume because some GM varieties no longer smell like roses should!)

Consider organic (or even silk) flowers, along with a potted centerpiece to reduce your environmental impact. Ask your florist what’s local and in season at the time of the wedding. As mentioned in yesterday’s post on fall weddings, choosing seasonal flowers can also be an ideal way to come up with color themes. Click to see more Floral Wedding ideas!

Ensuring your invites are on recycled paper is another great way to show consideration for our planet. Here are a few products which give you the option to choose 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Turquoise Blue and Purple Rose Wedding Template zazzle_invitationKelly Green Muted Damask Wedding zazzle_invitationPink and Blue Damask Wedding zazzle_invitation

Then there’s the dress. Would you be prepared to save the manufacturing costs and shop for a pre-worn dress? If not, the next best thing is choosing a supplier that works with sustainable fabrics (organic silk, hemp, cotton, etc.) You could also ask your bridesmaids to wear clothes they already own (although it may not be wise to be too specific with the color request – not everyone has eggplant purple in their wardrobe!)

In terms of the ring, the conscientious will want to make sure that any stones are conflict-free. In 2002, the UN introduced the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which awards a certificate to those suppliers who can prove their diamonds were mined and shipped ethically. Your jewelery store should be able to provide this certificate if you ask for it.

These suggestions are just for starters; there are many more ways to demonstrate to your nearest and dearest that love doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

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