So What is a Bridal Shower Anyway?

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There are two reasons why I needed to ask this question:

1) I’m a guy!

2) I’m a British guy, and bridal showers are only just starting to take off here.

I mean, we have our ‘hen nights’ (stag nights for the lads), but these are a bit more like bachelorette parties.

So, for the sake of anyone else who might be wondering, here is what I found out about bridal showers (and it usually has nothing whatsoever to do with water).

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding party thrown for the bride, with the central purpose of showering her with gifts. Although we Brits often think of it as an American invention, similar customs stretch way back and were often arranged to help women from poorer families to afford a dowry payment.

Bridal showers are usually thrown by friends (or distant family) as it is seen as inappropriate for close family members to ask for gifts. Everyone has to bring a gift (and YES, they do have to also buy a wedding gift), and the time is spent reminiscing, eating, drinking, playing games and generally having a good time. Bridal showers are often themed (more about that later in the week).

If you have a friend who’s due to tie the knot, consider arranging a wonderful bridal shower for her – she will be sure to thank you for it! Here are a few of JaclinArt’s bridal shower products to start the creative juices flowing.

There are stamps and invites…

TURQUOISE Gown - Bridal Shower zazzle_stampBlack White Pink Flowers Modern Bridal Shower zazzle_invitationPurple Lace Flowers Custom Name Bridal Shower zazzle_invitationBridal Shower Muted Gray Ornate Stars Damask zazzle_invitation


…stickers and thank you cards…

 LILAC PURPLE Thank You - Bridal Shower zazzle_cardFuschia Pink Vintage Floral Ribbon Bridal Shower zazzle_stickerBridal Shower Muted Gray Ornate Stars Damask zazzle_card


…and labels and return addresses.

PINK and BLACK Bridal Shower Rose zazzle_labelZebra Pink Stripe zazzle_label


You may already have a definite design theme in mind.

Click here for damask invite ideas, or perhaps you prefer a Floral theme.

And if you need extra inspiration, just click here to see even more Bridal Shower products.

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