Planning a 70th Birthday Surprise

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Arranging a 70th birthday celebration for your beloved spouse, parent, grandparent, friend or other soon-to-be septuagenarian can lead to plenty of head-scratching. After all, he or she has probably done, seen and obtained it all at some point before in their seven decades of life.

For many 70-year-olds, the biggest pleasure they can have is spending quality time with family and friends. If you can find a surprise party venue that most, if not all, invitees can attend, so much the better. Don’t forget that some of the celebrant’s peers may find it difficult to travel great distances for the big day, so be considerate to their needs (no six mile treks down a country lane).

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If you can afford it, and you are confident the birthday boy or girl can cope with it, consider clubbing together for a weekend (or week) away, where you can turn a surprise birthday party into more of a meaningful occasion than a one-off event. Spending quality time with children, grandchildren and special friends can often be the most rewarding gift a 70-year-old could ask for.

Otherwise, a surprise 70th party could be held at any one of a number of venues: country club, rustic barn, community centre, restaurant, whatever is suitable in your area. Some of the most welcome parties are held in the celebrant’s own home or that of a family member; it saves them the hassle of travelling.

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On to gifts. Lots of people struggle to find gifts for a 70-year-old, after all haven’t they got everything? One popular solution is to compile a scrapbook (or photobook) of their life up to now. Give each guest the responsibility for one page of the project and get them to attach photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, etc. You could even present it as a slideshow or Powerpoint presentation.

Another option is to focus on hobbies or activities. Whether the 70-year-old is into golf, football, cars, cooking, pottery or something else you’re sure to find plenty of gifts and treats that tie in nicely. Track down a signed photograph of one of his favorite football players along with some match tickets, or treat her to a place on an advanced watercolors course with a new set of quality brushes.

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Regardless of your eventual decision, consider the celebrant’s personality and physical health as this will have a bearing on what they will be able to cope with in terms of a birthday surprise.

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