Out of the Box: Crazy Weddings

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Not everybody wants to float down the aisle of a church in an elegant white dress, swear solemn oaths and exchange rings in front of family and friends. It seems that’s far too ordinary for some of you girls (and guys) out there.

From the novel and quirky to the downright weird (and icky!), it’s amazing what can come out of the human mind!

Unusual Venues

If you were under the impression that weddings had to cost an arm and a leg – think again. On September 09, 2009, 9 couples got hitched in a 99 cents only store in Hollywood for a bargain 99 cents! Everything the couple needed was supplied from the store’s own line of products. I bet the brides were on cloud number nine – or maybe not. The above date would have been an easy one to remember, but to ensure your guests get it right, consider sending out ‘Save the Date’ postcards, like the ones below:

Save the Date Hot Pink Tiger Print Monogram zazzle_postcardButterflies Blue Pink Purple Gold Save the Date zazzle_postcard

Happy couples have also celebrated their nuptials at the UK Houses of Parliament and the one and only Walt Disney World!


Kooky Customs

In some parts of India, mock marriage ceremonies are made up whereby a human has to (temporarily) marry an animal to ward off evil spirits. Now, I know plenty of people who seem to be wedded to their pets, but that just takes the (dog) biscuit.

If you would like your wedding to have a touch of the ‘wild’ about it, check out some of Jaclinart’s animal-themed products, like this Zebra invite!

Mint Green and Chocolate Zebra Wedding zazzle_invitation

You can also visit her zebra themed online store to get an even bigger dose of zebra themed items.

 Prize for the most disgusting wedding tradition has to go to the Scots, though.  In an old custom known as ‘blackening the bride’, the poor woman is doused with buckets of foul liquid containing anything from tar and feathers to dirty dishwater.

Now if that’s not enough to put you off marriage for life, I don’t know what is! Fortunately though, this tradition isn’t widespread now, so don’t strike stunning Scotland from your wedding venue wish-list!

If you like the idea of having complete creative control over your wedding, click to see a range of fully customizable products

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