Fab Surprise 40th Birthday Ideas

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Turning 40 is a big deal! I know, because that’s my next one (over three years away yet, though). The good news is there are plenty of surprise party ideas to help make the most of this milestone.

Not surprisingly, many of the themes I’ve come across involve turning the clock back. A 70s-themed disco, complete with platforms and flared trousers, will always go down well. Treat the birthday boy or girl to their top 40 favorite tracks and groove the night away.


Don’t forget your 40th surprise party invites. Here’s a taster from the JaclinArt collection

Surprise 40th Birthday Gold and Chocolate Stars Personalized Invites Surprise 40th Birthday Teal and Purple Damask Personalized Announcements 40th SURPRISE Birthday Party Invitation Template


And there are more Surprise Birthday Invites here.

Another great 40th surprise party idea is to create a ‘This is your Life’ spoof, where friends and family members are invited to take center stage and tell the narrative of the celebrant’s life (thus proving once and for all that life does not begin at 40!). The occasion could even be preserved in a printed photo-book.

For those who are really in denial, my favorite solution is the ’19th anniversary of the 21st birthday’. Guests wish the 40-year-old ‘happy anniversary’, while everyone parties like the 21 year olds they wish they were.


JaclinArt surprise party invitations are fully-customizable. Look at these dazzling designs!

Blue Purple Dahlia 00th Year Surprise Birthday Personalized Announcement SURPRISE Pink Candles Polka Dot Birthday Square Stickers SURPRISE Birthday Party Template Pink Sunflower Custom Invitation


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My favorite 40th surprise birthday theme was the ‘Rubik’s cube’ (left), where all guests come in a multi-colored wardrobe but need to go home wearing the same color clothes. How funny!

Then there’s the zombie-themed ‘horror party’…because, after all, what could be scarier than turning 40?

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Rubik’s cube image released on CC 3.0 Attribution license by Lars Karlsson

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