Bridal Shower – What Will You Bring?

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Choosing presents is always difficult, no matter what the occasion but, with gift-opening such a central part of the  experience, you don’t want to commit any faux pas at a bridal shower. Here are a few tips on bridal shower gift etiquette and traditions.

For starters, how much should you spend on a gift? Although expectations do vary, spending between $25 and $75 is usually acceptable and should avoid any raised eyebrows. When browsing online, many bridal shower websites allow you to filter your searches by price. If you are short of funds or simply enjoy crafts, something home-made will add that personal touch that means so much!

If you are in charge of organization, JaclinArt offer a range of attractively-priced bridal shower stationary products:

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As mentioned in an earlier post, it is conventional to buy a gift for both the shower and the wedding, and somebody (usually a bridesmaid) should be tasked with the responsibility of noting down who brought what.

In many cases, those organizing a bridal shower will give specific instructions about the type of gift you should bring (e.g. kitchenware or beauty products). Otherwise, you can take guidance from the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are invited to a green fete, make sure your gift or gifts are sourced from environmentally-friendly, ethically sound suppliers.

JaclinArt invitations can often be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, just like these examples:

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One popular bridal shower gift idea is to use the party as a chance to give the bride a tantalizing hint as to their wedding present. If you are planning to buy the wedded couple some tableware, perhaps you could choose some attractive napkins and coasters as a bridal shower gift.

Unless you are given instructions to the contrary, it is usually best to steer clear of some of the racier bridal shower gifts on the market; a good rule of thumb is to assume that the bride’s mother will be at the party.

Finally, pay close attention to the order in which the bride-to-be opens her gifts. One bridal shower superstition predicts that the girl who brought the third gift will soon be blessed with a child!

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