5 Great Bridal Shower Themes

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If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for a forthcoming bridal shower, here are five popular themes that you might want to consider:

Theme #1: The Cocktail Bar

Who said a bridal shower had to happen at home? It is becoming increasingly popular to hire out a swanky bar (complete with suave waiter!) and spend the evening devising all sorts of wonderful and wacky cocktails (before sampling them, of course). If this ‘bar-tending school’ theme appeals to you, just make sure that all guests are comfortable in that sort of environment first.

Consider using a specific colour theme; perhaps pretty pink and purple for an ultra-girly bridal shower!

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Theme #2: The Green Fete

Embrace ecological responsibility by opting for an environmentally-friendly bridal shower. Choose caterers who supply ethical or organic food; ditch the plastic and use natural alternatives (forest friendly wood, organic cotton, recycled paper, etc.) where possible.

Theme #3: Travel/Honeymoon Shower

Perfect for couples with wanderlust, the travel-themed bridal shower can incorporate features of the bride’s favorite travel destination. Choose food that ties in with a particular culture or, alternatively, set the table with delicacies from all over the globe. Select gifts that will help the honeymoon run as smoothly as possible, while favors could be presented in boxes shaped as suitcases. 

Colors and shapes can be interwoven to create dazzling, unique themes. Take a look at these new JaclinArt invites!

Bridal Shower Lime Green and Navy Blue Circles Custom Announcement Bridal Shower Blue Diamonds Pattern Invite Bridal Shower Pastel Pink Stars Announcements

Click here if you are looking to go with a Floral theme

Theme #4: Charity Party

For brides (and grooms) who are seriously committed to a charity or just prefer not to be the center of attention, consider asking guests to donate goods or cash to those who really need them. Some websites are set up to allow couples to register for a charity online but, if there is no specific charity that the betrothed support, make sure there are several options for guests to choose from. Instead of spending money on favors, consider making a donation of your own.

Theme #5: Potluck Party

This type of bridal shower is designed to help the bride to become a whizz in the kitchen. Guests are charged with bringing along an interesting dish from a specific region of the world (Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.) along with the recipe. Not only will the bride-to-be get to enjoy some top nosh, she will also start married life with a handy collection of exotic recipes at her disposal. Present the recipes on attractive paper inside a beautiful gift box to round things off perfectly.

The above ideas are just suggestions, but hopefully they’ve done enough to get you thinking.

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