Purple Wedding Damask and Print on Demand Technology – A Perfect Marriage

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Late last night a bride-to-be emailed me.  She liked one of my damask lined wedding envelope designs she spotted in pink and black — But! She’d like it in purple and black, instead.  Could I design it for her?  It turns out…yes, I could!  After I emailed off the new envelope design to her, a few minutes later, she sent another email.  She wanted a matching envelope seal, too.  I went ahead and designed that as well.  The whole “print on demand” publishing model has brought affordable customization to the individual, by marrying an online marketplace and print on demand technology,  where consumers and artists can have a dialogue.  Here’s the purple damask envelope I designed for her…

And here’s the matching envelope seal I designed for her.

She decided she wanted a different envelope seal shape, so chose the heart shaped version instead…

So thanks to…Two people being night owls, the internet, and print on demand technology, in less than an hour…
1. A design request was made.
2. New designs were created.
3. Customer made design modifications
4. Customer purchased new designs.
It’s really kind of amazing! And one of the reasons I enjoy creating products that people can customize online. It’s just so…personal.

And to round out the purple theme, here’s a purple damask wedding invitation -

A coordinating purple damask monogram stamp…

And a matching address label.

To see even more choices, including invitations, envelopes bridesmaid gifts, customizable envelope seals and stamps,visit the wedding section of my Zazzle shop. Happy hunting!

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