My Bat and Bar Mitzvah Stamp Designs – Showcased in a Mitzvah Market Article

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Last week I met Sheri of Mitzvah Market on Twitter, and discovered she was about to do a story on custom Bat and Bar Mitzvah US postage stamps. Lucky me! She featured some of my stamps in her article, and included some links. You can check out Sheri’s Mitzvah Market postage story here:

After our email and phone conversations, she inspired me to come up with some custom templates for Bat and Bar Mitzvah envelope seals. (Or, as Sheri said, they could be used for all things Mitzvah related.) Here are some of my new creations.

Blue is always a good choice…Add your child’s name and Bar Mitzvah date.

MEDIUM BLUE Custom Name Bar Mitzvah Sticker sticker

Blue Damask adds a nice touch for a Bat Mitzvah…

ROYAL BLUE Subtle Damask Bat Mitzvah Sticker sticker


Black and White is an elegant choice…

BLACK and WHITE Custom Name Bar Mitzvah Sticker sticker


Purple packs a punch…

PURPLE Custom Name Date Bat Mitzvah Sticker sticker


Silver gray adds a nice touch…

SILVER GRAY Custom Name Bar Mitzvah Sticker sticker


Tiffany Blue damask adds a bright color accent.

TIFFANY BLUE Subtle Damask Bat Mitzvah Sticker sticker


Check out more Bar Mitzvah envelope seals here:

And here’s some more Bat Mitzvah envelope seals to peruse:

To see Custom Bat and Bar Mitzvah postage from all artists on Zazzle, click on the banner.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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  1. Comment by keri:

    Nice idea! Great color choices!

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